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Racha - Lechkhumi is distinguished other regions by scarcity of vineyards and rare grape varieties. The most widespread varieties are Tsulukidze Tetra and Tsolikouri, Aleksandrouli, Mudjuretuli, Rachuli Dzelshavi, Usakhelauri and Orbeluri. Racha encompasses the bigger section of Ambrolauri district. The vineyards here are grown mostly on the slopes of River Rioni gorge. The lower Racha is renowned for Khvanchkara micro-zone. Main micro-zones of Lechkhumi district are: Tsageri, Orbeli, Alpana-Tvishi, Zubi-Okureshi. Among the most notable wines in this region are Usakhelouri and the place of origin-named wines are Khvanchkara and Tvishi. Tvishi micro-zone climate provides high sugar content and acidity in Imeretian grape variety Tsolikouri, and exactly this micro-zone Tsolikouri is made naturally semi-sweet white wine Tvishi. It should be also noted Orbeli Ojaleshi which by its nature differs Mingrelian Ojaleshi.